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Single Layer Packaging

Our single layer packaging using PE (Polyethylene) is very easy to recycle, and has similar strength and barrier property as the laminated plastics. It can also be easily bonded with other plastic material, such as nylon, PET, OPP, and Aluminum.

Shrink Wrap & Shrink Sleeve

With our experienced engineers, we develop a Shrink Film that is made entirely from PE (Polyethylene) and can be used to replace the high-cost PVC product for wrapping and labelling. Our shrink film has a good optic and printability.

Biodegradable Packaging

We develop our own compounds to produce biodegradable films that can easily degrade itself within months in outdoor condition. They are printable and can be used as lamination with paper. We can create roll films, bags, and straws with our biodegradable composition.